Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to questions we seem to get asked quite often.

Is this a commercial venture, or is there some type of commercial affiliation?
No. We are incorporated in the state of Illinois as Chicago Lair, Inc.; a non-profit company.

Are there any kinds of membership fees?
Aside from the one time application fee, some events may charge an entry fee that is used to cover costs and cleanup for the gracious members who donated the use of their place. Occasionally, we also produce large events like our Chicago PUA Summit that are distinct from the Chicago Lair that will charge an admission fee due to the size and logistics of the event. However, the overall content and programs found on TheChicagoLair.com are completely free to its members.

Do you guys meet and practice in real life?
Absolutely. We have Chicago Lair sponsored events frequently but the real benefit comes from members getting together on there own to go out and raise hell.

How big is the group?
Although it constantly varies, there are generally about 100 active members.

Will I learn to manipulate women?

Is there a focus on elements besides pick-up?
Definitely; this is more of a well-rounded men’s club. Though we have our beginnings as a Chicago PUA seduction lair, the ultimate goal is to help you improve as a person, in whatever aspects you want.

I’m interested, how do I apply for membership?
You’ll find details at the bottom of our Joining page.

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