Our Charter

The Chicago Lair, Inc. is a non-profit support group for adult men in the Chicagoland area. While our focus is primarily on the areas of dating, personal development, sexuality, PUA training, and seduction in Chicago, our charter holistically extends to developing social influence, health, wellness, enterprise, investment and other skill sets that are critical to success in life.

The Chicago Lair is only a portal to knowledge and experience. Your personal journey depends entirely on you and your effort. There is no “magic pill” and getting really good at any one of our focus areas. Each man’s journey is a long hard road of blood sweat and tears. To the victor go the spoils.

The Chicago Lair is a premiere organization that has been built on the valuable contribution of all its members and advanced experience. We offer a community where men can discuss issues freely in a forum that is honestly critical, supportive, and non-judgmental. Though the criticism can be cutting, it is always constructive. However the basic ground rules do not tolerate personal attacks, name calling, spiteful insults, or other childishly destructive behavior. Though your ego may get bruised, it’s all a part of letting it go.

The Chicago Lair members who are not consistently in-field are encouraged not to post. Posting is the privilege of those who step up and step out.

The Chicago Lair members must be at least 18 years of age. We recommend being 21 years of age since many of the venues where we meet require proper state ID.

The Chicago Lair does not condone acts of violence, rape, or abuse of any kind whether sexual, verbal, physical, psychological or otherwise. We strongly condemn any such behavior. Such acts are contrary to the principles of The Chicago Lair.

The Chicago Lair strongly condemns acts of sex with minors, public intoxication, the use of illegal drugs, and any actions that constitute violations of local laws.

The Chicago Lair encourages its members to seek professional help if they believe they may have any addictions, whether to drugs, alcohol, or sex, or any other addiction whatsoever. We also encourage our members to seek psychiatric help in all other cases of psychological problems.

The leadership of The Chicago Lair will address any and all issues that run contrary to our charter. Members are expected to correct any behavior that falls contrary to our charter when addressed. The leadership reserves the right to expel anyone who fails to correct these issues when they arise.

Finally, The Chicago Lair loves women. We believe that women are sexual beings endowed with their own intelligence and free will, and are responsible enough to make their own decisions in the areas of dating, relationships and sexuality. In light of women’s own sexual nature and relationship goals, we believe it is possible for men and women to interact in ways that are mutually beneficial and win-win, and we encourage our members to strive for these characteristics in all of their interactions with women.

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